Fast Finger Food Tips for That Last Minute Party!

Some of the most memorable parties are impromptu celebrations that have seemingly sprung from thin air. However, behind every successful and spontaneous party is probably at least one person who is fairly skilled in the art of entertaining on the fly. For instance, some people seem to be able to create delicious quick finger foods out of the contents of a near-empty refrigerator, but in reality, they’ve got a few tricks up their sleeves as well as in their cupboards.

Keep Canned Salmon on Hand for Fast Finger Foods

Those who successfully pull off last-minute entertaining usually have certain basic supplies stocked in their cupboards. A few cans of smoked salmon and a box of crackers can be used with refrigerator basics to create a tray of elegant hors d’oeuvres. Simply flake the salmon into a bowl, mix in creamed cheese, mayonnaise, a touch of lemon juice and give it a pass-over with a twist of a black cracked pepper mill. Some people like to sprinkle in some freshly chopped baby dill or add a minuscule amount of horseradish for extra tang.

Once mixed thoroughly, the salmon spread can be eaten on crackers. It’s best to use plain water crackers for this because their mild taste does not compete with that of the salmon. This is a healthy, easy-to-prepare and tasty appetizer that almost everyone loves. It’s especially good when served with a glass of Pacific Northwest Pinot Noir.

Good Hosts are Always Prepared

Most people who live lives that are conducive to the birth of spontaneous home gatherings generally keep certain staples in their refrigerator, cupboards and pantries. They also generally have a repertoire of easy-to-prepare quick finger foods that they can basically make in their sleep at a moment’s notice.

Those who are caught without the necessary ingredients for the creation of quick finger foods should feel no compulsion concerning asking a guest or two to run to the store. After all, most people realize that it’s bad form to treat the home of a friend or family member as a fast food restaurant. Those who are constantly finding themselves in the position of providing the setting for impromptu gatherings should consider this approach no matter how well stocked they’ve got their personal larder.

Frozen Foods Can Be Your Friend

Gourmet-level expertise isn’t necessary for the preparation of appetizers for impromptu parties. Sometimes, all that is necessary is a microwave, a package or two of frozen chicken wings and a bowl full of honey mustard or ranch dressing for an excellent accompaniment to cold beer while watching a sports event. Other frozen options include cheese sticks, taquitos, pigs-in-a-blanket, pizza rolls, meatballs-on-a-stick and spring rolls. Many people have found that keeping their freezer well-stocked with some of these items has been a lifesaver when faced with hungry, unexpected guests.

Basically, it is advised that food served at last-minute parties be uncomplicated and easy. After all, the joy of spontaneous living can be completely killed when undue fuss is involved.

Last Minute Gifts Strategy of Unique Gift Baskets

The clock is ticking without mercy. You know deep within that you can’t drop the ball and make yourself look bad. Yes, it’s last minute gifts time and you are standing on the dividing line of timing success on one side and utter failure on the other. What’s a brilliant tactic to ensure a place of honor within the world of gift-giving?

Unique Gift Baskets is the correct answer, my noble companions within this thing called life. These are not only a benefit to you but to the recipient of your generosity as well. In other words, you can be relieved of pressing the panic button in distress and provide a creative and top-quality gift at the same time. How so?

It’s first important to realize that unique gift baskets are not just wicker containers stuffed with commonplace, mundane and humdrum fillers. They are…well…unique! These last minute gifts can be designed to excite the passions of those who enjoy many different types of themes. What are some of the subjects that these baskets focus on?

How about birthdays, new babies, corporate gifts, get-well, new home or neighbors, condolences, romance, thank-you’s and weddings? There is a solution for any of these circumstances ready to meet your immediate needs. There is, indeed, an answer at the ready to meet each and every one of these challenges. But, are there other last minute gifts that are more specific to the recipients liking?

You betcha there are. There are unique gift baskets that specialize in different fine things which the benefactor of your kindness may find most appealing. Like what? How about delicacies such as chocolate, gourmet food, Italian food, spicy food, healthy food, coffee or tea? Any of these just might be a slam-dunk in your efforts to please someone’s palate in a wonderful way. What else?

How about the hobbies or interests such as gardening, spas, casinos, golf, movies, kid stuff, picnics, or even NASCAR? Gotcha covered on all of these as well. You can hit the nail on the proverbial head by having one of these presents in the hands of the one you wish to make most happy.

You may now be thinking that these last minute gifts sound perfectly fine. However, you are also scrambling to have these gifts available to give before the crunch time deadline. There’s a one-word solution to this dilemma…internet! Let technology do your heavy lifting by using your favorite search engine of Google, Yahoo, or MSN.

Victory is within reach once you are in front of a computer with a search engine gazing back at you. Just type in the keyword phrases that would apply to the type of unique gift baskets that you wish to obtain. Take a good look at the selections given and pick the one within your budget that will make you a hero in someone’s life. Might just take only a few minutes!

Fill in the shipping, billing and optional message info and you are golden! You can even have the package dropped on the actual doorstep of the target of your task….done overnight! How can there possibly be a more effective and efficient strategy to make your “mission impossible” not only possible but quite easy?

Last Minute Preps

Imagine a disaster has occurred and you didn’t bother to prepare. A pandemic is spreading across the country like a wildfire, maybe an earthquake has knocked out the power and water. Perhaps there’s been a terrorist attack and part of your town is in flames, or hyperinflation has hit a critical point where prices are rising throughout the day. If something like this occurs, you’ll have to run to the nearest grocery store and get what you can, while you can.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get everything you need to last for several months, but it might still be possible to get enough to ride out whatever disaster has occurred. Pull the kids out of school and keep your cell phone handy. You and your family will have to work together and keep in touch. If you own multiple cars, take them to the gas station caravan-style and fill up. Also buy some containers and fill them with extra gas.

On your way to the grocery store, call your doctor to renew any prescriptions you might need. When you get there, each of you should grab a different cart and take a different part of the list. Don’t get into fights with other last-minute shoppers. And if the store doesn’t have something you’re looking for, forget about it and move on. Maybe the next store you go to will have it.

You will need cash! First go to an ATM and withdraw as much as you can, or go to a store that offers cash back and get as much as they’ll allow. Some stores might not be able to accept plastic in this situation. Hopefully you already have a lot of cash on hand because if the power is out everywhere you just might be up the creek with no paddle.

The list is below. I suggest sending the kids or the wife to get the non-food items as most people will be fighting over the food and water.


Water, as much as you can get
Gatorade, several bottles
Rice, as many bags as you can
Beans, 20 cans
Dried beans, several bags
Vegetables, 10 cans
Tuna/chicken, 20 cans
Soups that don’t need water
Pasta, 20 bags
Pasta sauce, 10 jars
Mac & cheese, several boxes
Tomato paste, 20 cans
Jam/jelly, 3 jars
Peanut butter, 5 jars
Oatmeal, several bags/boxes
Crackers, several boxes
Mixed nuts, several containers
Energy bars, protein drinks
Coffee, tea
Sugar, several bags
Salt, big box
Powdered milk, several boxes
Vegetable oil, 5 bottles
White vinegar
Spices you use
Potatoes, 2 bags
Onions, 1 bag
Fresh fruit and veggies
Frozen meat
3 loaves of bread
Butter, 10 bars/tubs
Cheese, 10 bricks

Non-food items:

Prescription refills
N95 masks
Disposable gloves
Tylenol/acetaminophen, 3 bottles
Aspirin/Ibuprofen, 3 bottles
Soap, shampoo & conditioner
Toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss
Vitamin C & multivitamins
Omega-3, antioxidants
Imodium A-D
Rubbing alcohol
Shaving cream and razors
Laundry soap
Dish detergent
Paper plates, plastic utensils
Paper towels
Toilet paper, 8 packages
Kleenex, 5 boxes
Garbage bags
Water purification tablets
Flashlights, 3
Battery-operated radio
Tools, rope, tape
Matches, 2 boxes
Lighters, 10
Batteries, 10 packs
Hand sanitizer
Propane cooking stove
Propane fuel, fire starters
Ready-made first-aid kit

Hopefully you’ll be able to get everything you need before your local grocery store shelves are empty.