Last Minute Exam Prep Tips

Exams are a means to judge ones’ understanding of the concepts that is being learnt over a period of time. This is also a time when students are more anxious about the various elements that surround the exams – topics to be covered, revision to be completed, previous years’ papers to be looked at etc.

For many, last minute study works, while for a few others the last minute study schedule only causes anxiety. Students must start well ahead of time, but with time flying fast, it is of no use to look back on the lost time. Here are some tips to help prepare well in the last minute of exams.

1. Relax – your body requires twice as much rest for last minute prep. It is therefore important that you have sufficient rest before even thinking about your studies and exams. The more you think about your exams, the more you are going to be tensed, therefore stop thinking about it and concentrate on your studies.

2. Mental preparation – a strong mind can help in dealing with tension and last minute preps easily. Any student must mentally prepare himself/herself to study well with an aim of scoring better.

3. Time in hand – keeping the time in hand, prepare yourself a schedule which can help you give time for all the tasks and subjects equally. Do not forget to give time for breaks in your schedule as this will give your mind the time to recall all that you have studied.

4. Study notes – every time you study or go through a concept, quickly make a note of it in the way you can understand better. Not only will this information be imprinted in your memory, but also help you revise at a later date.

5. Eat healthy – there are certain foods which can help you stay active and enhance your memory, while carbohydrate rich foods can put you to sleep. Choose the right kind of food that can help you stay active throughout your study period.

6. Listen to the concepts – another best way to cover a lot of concepts in a short time frame is to listen to them. These days, there are CDs available in the market which is specifically designed to meet the student’s needs and can help in better retaining of information. Constant listening can help imprint the same in the memory.

7. Check for important topics – teachers will always be able to guide students on some of the important topics. Be sure to make a note of them and give it a little extra time.

8. Previous year’s papers – previous year’s papers will help students reduce the anxiety that arises with every exam. Not only will this be able to give you a brief idea of the structure, but also helps you reduce the anxiety.

Last minute preparation is never advisable to any student, unless there has been an unavoidable circumstance.